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Russell Driscoll, Master of Business Administration (Executive), Sydney

Russell Driscoll

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"Master of Business Administration (Executive)."

"I valued the quality of the senior lecturers in the Law and Business Faculty and its respective support staff. My cohort were very special; I was fortunate to have participated with a truly great bunch of individuals. The ACU Business Tower in North Sydney had excellent facilities."

"ACU's Law and Business Faculty has developed a culture of encouragement and inclusion, where the individual student should feel valued, considered and supported; at least that was my experience."

"CEO at and Executive Pastor at Nowra City Church and Impact Church at Monash in the ACT. I wear two hats. I'm an Organisational Performance Adviser and I head up, a consultancy firm that specialises in organisational performance. I'm also an ordained minister and have pastoral leadership responsibilities at two wonderful local churches."

"I have been a Proprietor, Sales Manager, General Manager, Director, Executive Director, Managing Director, COO and CEO."

"Doing a postgraduate degree while in full-time employment necessitates good time management skills. Also, at postgrad level where you encounter peers who are highly competent and strong minded individuals, your communication and negotiation skills are tested and honed."

"Yes in both my roles. Working with senior management and being able to add tangible value to an organisation is both stimulating and satisfying. While being able to serve the community in a pastoral care role is a privilege, it also delivers a sense of worth and fulfillment."

"I have had the privilege of inspiring and leading teams that built successful organisations that contributed to their respective communities. I have project managed some really worthwhile ventures."

"Remain focused on both the micro and the macro; the micro is doing all that is necessary to get through your current unit, while the macro is the end goal of graduating knowing that you will be sufficiently rewarded for not just the qualification, but for the experiences you embraced and can now share."

"I'm a leader that perpetually encourages others to strive for excellence and fulfill their potential - to play a part in making our world a better and more equitable place."