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Prasad Shinde, Master of Business Administration/ Master of Professional Accounting, Melbourne

Profile image of Prasad Shinde Meet Prasad Shinde, an international student studying the Master of Business Administration/ Master of Professional Accounting at the ACU Melbourne Campus.
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"I am currently studying a Master of Business Administration and Professional Accounting"

"I have a Diploma in Electronics Engineering from the Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, India and a Postgraduate Certificate in Film Direction from the University of California, Los Angeles, USA."

"After being in the workforce for over 5 years, I knew I needed an additional qualification to take my career to the next level, particularly a Masters in Business Administration and Professional Accounting."

"I had already completed my postgraduate certificate qualification in the US, so I was looking at another country for my MBA. Since I had family in Australia, there wasn’t a lot of convincing required. As a bonus, I was really happy to be studying in the most liveable city in the world.

"In today’s education game, I admired the fact that ACU is one of the few not-for-profit universities in Australia. I was also glad that there is a considerable amount of focus on community engagement, which is what I aim to do during my course. As an international student, I had to weigh up my return on investment, and from my analysis at the time ACU was the perfect bang for my buck."

"It is very different from where I come from. At ACU, there is more of an emphasis on doing your research, critical thinking, forming your own opinions and of course referencing. As much as it is a great way to mould the educated adults in any developed country, it is also difficult for an international student to embrace this method of education. Although challenging in the first semester, with the help of my lecturers and faculty staff, I must say it became easier every passing day."

"It has been nothing short of truly amazing. I’ve met so many people from different cultures, backgrounds and beliefs which makes ACU the perfect melting pot for an international student."

"Oh yes they are! If they weren’t, I’d be struggling with my assignments. Everyone is very helpful at ACU and I’m glad there is assistance around language, referencing, and peer support. It is very assuring to know that help is at hand, all you have to do is ask."

"Studying internationally is a great opportunity for anyone. It is on you to turn any situation around - whether it is putting in extra effort for your assignments or making new friends in a new country."

"With all this investment in my education, as a next step I do want to get some international work experience to add to my MBA. Once I complete my course I will be actively looking for career opportunities to get my foot in the door."