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Mojgan Mossadegh, Master of Business Administration/ Master of Marketing, Melbourne

Profile image of Mojgan Mossadegh Meet Mojgan Mossadegh, an international student studying the Master of Business Administration/ Master of Marketing at the ACU Melbourne Campus.
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"I began my MBA/Master of Marketing in 2012 at ACU. My first qualification was a Bachelor of Information Technology."

"Before coming to Australia, I ran a small business providing sales and marketing services. This helped me gain valuable experience in management and marketing. At this time, I developed a great passion for the area and decided to improve my knowledge of marketing and business."

"While visiting my relatives in Melbourne in 2012, I became interested in undertaking postgraduate study in Australia. After investigating a number of universities, I found that ACU was one of the few universities providing dual master degrees in marketing and business administration. This is the main reason I chose ACU."

"I believe the marketing and business administration skills I am learning at ACU will benefit the career path I will build in the future. I have found the small classes to be especially advantageous, it’s very useful to share experiences and opinions with other members. So far it has enabled me to develop a great understanding of marketing and gain practical insight into business. ACU has also provided a wonderful opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures, which has improved my interpersonal skills."

"Prospective MBA students can expect an exciting and challenging journey at ACU. While I was provided with a better understanding of marketing, the ACU MBA program also led to my development of critical thinking and problem solving as effective life skills. From my own personal experience, one of the key reasons for my success is that I actively set out to advance my communication skills by integrating with Australian communities as quickly as I could. This would not have happened without engaging in ACU community programs and interacting with other members."

"I am now passionate about starting my career in an exciting marketing environment, where I can develop my practical experience, and eventually achieve a senior management position in a multinational company. I am confident that the ACU Marketing/MBA program has broadened my views and advanced my skills to successfully achieve these goals."