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Mark Doyle, Master of Business Administration (Executive), Brisbane

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"Master of Business Administration (Executive)."

"Honours B.Sc (Specialisation in Biology), University of Ottawa, Canada."

"I chose ACU for two reasons.

1. I was looking for a way to do a course based Master’s that fit in with full time work that was in person (not online) and I was drawn to the intensive mode of delivery.

2. The idea that I could do business studies at a high level from a Catholic perspective. This meant that what the university stands for is in alignment with many of my personal values. Things like respect for others, ethical and moral decision making, sustainability, and living for something greater than yourself. I also chose ACU because I knew that they would have a strong emphasis on the NFP sector of which I am a part of."

"The engagement with my fellow students. I learned so much from their experiences and different perspectives. There was such diversity amongst us, different ages, different cultural backgrounds, different roles, different industries that it made for a very rich learning environment."

"I felt extremely supported by the community of students that were in the MBA program with me. The MBA had a lot of group work, and my fellow students were always willing to lend a hand or provide assistance when needed."

"During my MBA I discovered a deep passion for the principles of Change Management and now plan on doing further studies in this area. I have no doubt that this will alter the direction of my life and career as I seek to implement these principles within organisations that I’m a part of."

"Chief Executive Officer, NET Ministries. NET is a national Catholic non-profit youth organisation. I’ve been working for NET Ministries for 9 years total, 4 in Canada and 5 complete years in Australia. This is the start of my 10th year and my 2nd year in the role of CEO."

"My job is to empower people; I spend most of it working with individuals or teams, motivating them to reach their potential, listening to their needs and trying to help them fulfil their mission of transforming the lives of young people."

"Being able to work in a job that I’m passionate about and that I find meaningful and rewarding because my organisation is transforming the lives of 30,000 young people across Australia each year."

"Work hard and invest well into your studies; remember often why you are there and keep an attitude of personal growth rather than busyness."

"I do lots of volunteer work within the Catholic community around Brisbane, often within a motivational speaking, teaching, mentoring or leadership role. I’m also a fitness fanatic, personal trainer and marathon runner."

"I really do have an extraordinary job. I get to wake up every day, roll out of bed and come into a work place where everyone is committed to changing the lives of the young people of this nation. I’m constantly inspired by my colleagues and our full time volunteers, who are all between the age of 18-30 and who choose to give up a year of their life, putting aside opportunities for study or career to make a difference in this world. My job provides me with the opportunity to do the things that I love and am passionate about (equipping and empowering people, leading, mentoring, building teams and working with team dynamics, sharing my faith, inspirational/motivational speaking, teaching) on a daily basis in a role that is much more ‘vocational’ than job-like, meaning that it’s a position where I can fulfil my dreams, leave a legacy and make a contribution that is far greater than what I could in a different kind of role or organisation."