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Mariola Andrade, Master of Business Administration/ Master of Professional Accounting, Melbourne

Profile image of Mariola Andrade Meet Mariola Andrade, an international student studying the Master of Business Administration/ Master of Professional Accounting at the ACU Melbourne Campus.
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"I am currently studying a Master of Business Administration and Professional Accounting."

"I have a Bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance from the University of Law and Business, Bielsko-Biala, Poland."

"When you have travelled the world and gained enough work experience, you feel you need to back it up with something substantial. This is what made me decide to pursue my Master of Business Administration and Professional Accounting."

"Out of all the places I’ve visited in my life, Australia was the one that made a deep impact in my mind. It is after all a beautiful, culturally aware country filled with warm and friendly people. ACU met the criteria I had in mind for a university - a globally recognized qualification, a culturally diverse experience, and also cost effective."

"Coming from Poland, language was a barrier. Study is more difficult for an international student. Firstly you need to convert the concept into your native language to be able to comprehend it correctly. Then you need to elaborate on it in English for your assignments. No doubt I have to work twice as hard, but I think it is totally worth it. Studying internationally gives you a worldview of the things you're learning."

"Going back to studying after a long gap is always hard, but with the right support from your teachers and the Faculty you are bound to excel. The experience has been interesting. I've met so many new people, some of which are now good friends. As an international student, it is nice to have a family away from your real family."

"The number of times I have bothered my lecturers for assistance, you'd think they would have given up. They have been extremely patient with providing all the help I needed. In the first semester in particular, this was an absolute necessity."

"Come with an open mind and come with the intention to put in some good hard work, especially if you want to make the most of your course."

"The next step for my career will be to gain work experience in Australia. This way even if I decide to go back to Poland, I’ll have additional skills and experience behind me."