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John Theron, Master of Business Administration (Executive), Brisbane

John Theron

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Senior Technical Consultant at an IT firm.

Weekend Intensive Program suited my learning style.

I had a brilliant time. I met some fantastic people who helped me grow as an individual.

The lectures were world class and were extremely inspirational. The lecturers answered every question that I asked them. They were extremely professional and understanding.

I felt that the MBA gave me multiple of wide ranging skill to help me analysis different problems I face in the corporate world. This allows me to be an extremely versatile businessman.

Operations Manager at Bris Aluminium. I manage the operations at Bris Aluminium. We have 20 staff members across two factories in Brisbane.

The MBAe opened new networks and relationships with fellow students and lecturers. It allowed my to differentiate myself against different candidates in the market.

ACU has a unique learning experience, with smaller class rooms, and lectures during the weekend to fit into your busy schedule. The lecturers learn your name and you can build up relationships with them over lunch.

I can't say exactly what I am going to be doing in five years, but I hope to further develop my skills as a strategist and people manager.