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Joanne Bagnulo, Master of Business Administration (Executive), Sydney

Joanne Bagnulo

The Master of Business Administration (Executive) studies have already begun delivering on their benefits by providing me with higher level thinking and analytical skills, even before I have fully competed my degree studies with ACU.

In my role as Change Manager at ARV I have been able to apply a number of the concepts and tools to workplace situations and projects. This has greatly improved the quality and professionalism of my work, even in areas that are not core to my usual role.

The MBA (Executive) has helped to fill the gaps in my knowledge, building up the skills I didn’t have.

I have been impressed by the quality of the lecturers, with their strong mix of academic grounding and practical application gained through decades of practical experience in industry and business. The learning is not theory based or academic only and has been immediately applicable to the workplace.

I enjoyed the varying experience levels and professional backgrounds of the other students.  This has meant that you can learn from your peers during team assignment and group work.

The delivery format of weekend classes has worked well for me allowing me to juggle my three kids and full time work. I am doing the course over a two-year period and have found the workload to be manageable, however it does require prioritising and a willingness to put some things on hold.

Undertaking the MBA (Executive) course is one of the most challenging things I have ever committed to but also one of the most rewarding, being able to watch yourself grow so much in such a short time is very satisfying. It’s hard work, but I’m really happy I did it and put the effort into investing in myself.