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Jo Armstrong, Master of Business Adminstration (Executive)

Jo Armstrong

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I completed the Graduate Certificate in Non Profit Management at ACU and was working in a Fundraising Manager position.

There were a combination of factors, including the exemptions from the Graduate Certificate that I received for the MBAe as well as the intensive weekend lectures that made the course really feasible for me to balance work and study.

It isn't easy studying and juggling work but I have definitely learnt a lot from doing my MBAe at ACU.

The academic staff have overall been really fantastic, particularly the industry leaders who taught subjects like Entrepreneurship and Change Management. The real life applicability is invaluable and enables practical learning that can be applied directly to the workplace.

I am currently the National Fundraising Manager for a large non-profit Charity. I lead a team of 15 staff and ensure revenue generation of more than $8m a year to ensure that people around the world are assisted as a result of our efforts.

I have been able to improve my all round knowledge as a result of my MBAe and I am better positioned to lead my team and ask the right questions to ensure optimum solutions and strategies are applied.

To continue within a strategic leadership position that would continue to help more people have better lives in some way.

Ensure that you have the capacity to study and plan your time and other commitments well. The reading is really important and the more you read the more you learn and the better you will be able to articulate yourself in the workplace and as an academic. It isn't as difficult as people may think, providing that you put in the time to do the ground work. I believe anyone could do well in an MBAe IF they are willing to do the reading. You need space in your life to be able to do that.