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Giuseppe Lamagna, Master of Business Administration/ Master of Marketing, Melbourne

Meet Giuseppe Lamagna, an international graduate who studied the Master of Business Administration/ Master of Marketing at the ACU Melbourne Campus.
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"I completed a Master of Business Administration/ Master of Marketing."

"The decision was made by my whole family and there were a number of reasons. Firstly, I spent more than 25 years in Italy, my parents raised me following Catholic beliefs and principals, we thought ACU would reflect our family culture. Secondly, Catholic institutions around the world are respected for their consistent and quality teaching; this will hopefully give me the opportunity to use my qualifications internationally. Lastly, I really liked the idea of small class sizes. I find this leads to better interaction between students, and more supportive relationships with teachers. ACU is not a “University-Factory” where students are considered just business. I felt like I was part of a big family where everyone helps each other."

"My colleagues and I were not just postgraduate scholars, we were international students. We came from different backgrounds and expectations. It is essential for a university to fulfil the needs of its students. ACU did a great job in all areas - legal, financial and didactic support. The staff were always friendly and ready to help and the facilities provided to postgraduate students were great."

"I had a really interesting experience in my last semester with an event called Cultural exchange. The university asked international students to display food, traditional costume and dance from their own backgrounds and countries. The experience gave everyone greater knowledge and a better understanding of the cultures and traditions we are often in contact with every day."

"The course gave me insight into the most vital aspects of a business, specifically areas of finance, administration and marketing. I can see myself running my own business, creating a partnership with some of my colleagues or potentially working for a multinational company."