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Brett Crouch - Master of Marketing and MBA, Melbourne

Brett Crouch

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I completed my Master of Marketing and MBA which was a two year course in 2015.

I had a gap of one year after I graduated from the Bachelor of Commerce.

I am from India and I have experienced a vast difference in the way education is encouraged at ACU. Not only are the professors more interactive, but they are eager to share their experiences as well as practical knowledge with students. Also, the environment that ACU provides to encourage students to be comfortable while they study is state of the art.

My sister and I were looking at the universities in Australia that suited my requirements. I decided on ACU because it is an educational institution that upholds my Catholic upbringing acquired in my family, school and undergraduate education. At ACU, I felt that not only would I be learning from the best, but that what I learnt and where I was taught, would keep Catholic values close at heart. In addition, Catholic institutions are known worldwide for their high standard of education.

Yes, all the lecturers and tutors that I interacted with during my time at ACU were extremely helpful at every step of the way. It is easy to form a bond with lecturers and staff which making the learning experience at ACU really special. My decision to study here has definitely been one that I consider worthwhile.

My advice to prospective students of ACU is to keep an open mind and absorb every bit of knowledge you gain here. The student to teacher ratio ensures that smaller groups of students in a class make for better student-teacher interaction. The faculty is simply the best.

The knowledge I gained provided me with the necessary training that I would encounter and require in various avenues of marketing and business. It has given me a sense of satisfaction that I am ready to take on any hurdle that comes my way in terms of career.

Like any international postgraduate fresh out of university, I too found it a bit overwhelming at times to face life after Uni. However, being at ACU has taught me that anything is achievable with hard work. Our group, as well as individual assignments, gave me a glimpse of what to expect in the corporate world. I consider the skills picked up to be helpful and have prepared me to know what lies ahead and to be able to utilise these skills on the job.

“Success” is something that many are after, however it seems to always come at a cost. Dedication, hard work and perseverance are more often than not the key to this seven letter word. Along with these factors, being humanitarian can lead you to any career path that you choose. A career in the field of marketing is something that I am passionate about.

My interests lie in music and sport. Unfortunately, due to a knee injury, I am often not in a position to actively participate in a game I love watching, ie football. However, I enjoy playing ping-pong and basketball. It acts as a great stress buster and I have to say that I enjoy playing with, as well as healthy competition against friends. As for music, it has always been part of my life; whether as part of the school choir or performing with my band at college festivals. I believe I inherited my musical side from my Dad who is a great singer.