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Anthony Lloyd, Master of Business Administration (Executive)

Anthony Lloyd

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I completed my Master of Business Administration (Executive) in 2014.

I loved that ACU management, the postgraduate course structure and teachers on the ground, encouraged ethical discussion and debate.

The highlight was the intensive weekend structure and small classes, which set the platform for deep discussion with teachers and other students alike.

As hinted above, the key differentiator for me is the ethical and socially responsible overlay applied to postgraduate learning at ACU. This sets up students to make a positive difference when they encounter the inevitable ethical dilemmas of daily life (especially within the workplace).

Finance research > Finance operations > Business Analysis > Product Development > Product Management > Manager

Manager SMSF - Intermediated Channels

I work at a major bank and manage our approach to 3rd party SMSF Financial Planners and Accountants. I also manage our approach to SMSF trustees serviced by the bank's aligned advisers.

The MBAe gave me the ability to speak the language of executive management and to move into an area of business I had no previous experience with. The role sits within a high profile seed team and this has given me the chance to develop a new network.