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Adrian Dean, Master of Marketing / Master of Business Administration

Adrian Dean

Adrian Dean began his MBA in 2012, and transferred to the double masters (MBA/ Master of Marketing Management) after his first year. His first qualification was at the University of Ballarat Arts Academy, where he graduated with a degree in Acting in 2009.

“I tried my hand at acting for a few years, with some success. I appeared on TV, commercials, and did numerous professional theatre shows. Ultimately however, it became clear that if I were to have a sustainable career, performing arts probably wasn’t the best option! Not to say that you can’t make it of course, it is just excruciatingly difficult.

I haven’t given up on performing; in fact I enjoy it more now that I am focusing on an MBA. I am part of a successful Melbourne based sketch comedy group called “Aunty Donna". It’s my creative outlet - I adore it. We have been nominated for best new comer at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, as well as winning the people’s choice award at the Melbourne Fringe. Studying business can be pretty demanding at times, and it is good to have something artistic to balance out the serious stuff”.

Adrian Dean explains why he chose to study his MBA at ACU, “I don’t think that you could get a much more personalized experience than what you receive at ACU. My lecturers know my name, I can go to them whenever I want with questions and they are exceptionally experienced. The second I walked into ACU I was made to feel like an individual who is valued.

The MBA is an intense experience; you will be pushed very hard. But when you come out on the other side, not only are you somewhat battle hardened, but I definitely think that you are industry ready. The MBA offered at ACU in particular is relevant, up to date and practical. I believe that an MBA is not just about teaching the fundamentals needed for a career in senior management, but also about teaching a way of thinking. I have learnt to think critically, analytically and creatively in my MBA, and ultimately, I believe these are the skills that will take me places.

The great thing about an MBA is that it can take you anywhere. Be it the public or private sector, profit or not-for profit organizations. I personally want to earn my stripes in the corporate world in a marketing capacity, and then focus on gaining a senior role in an arts institution. That is my passion, and I would like to think that the advanced skills I have gained in my MBA can contribute to furthering the arts in Australia in some shape or form”.

His advice to students contemplating Postgraduate studies, “If you have a career path that you want to follow, try and incorporate this into your studies. For example, many of my assignments have been tailored towards the performing arts industry. Deciding to study at a postgraduate level can be daunting. It is a big commitment. But all I can say is do it. You will not regret it. Doing the ACU MBA/Master of marketing program has been one of the best things I have ever done. I wholeheartedly recommend it”.