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Australian Scholarships Foundation - ACU Scholarship

ACU in collaboration with the Australian Scholarships Foundation has made places available to members of charitable organisations to study at graduate level. The opportunity is for full-time or part-time study. Selection for the ACU courses is based on previous academic performance and work experience. The allocation of places would take into consideration support by a charitable organisation(s) and the employee’s study goals. Programs for which places are available include:

  • Graduate Certificate in Business Administration
  • Graduate Certificate in Management of Not-for-Profit Organisations

For successful applicants, ACU will reduce the course tuition fee by 50% and the Australian Scholarships Foundation will fund the remaining 50% of the cost of the course tuition fees. Accommodation and travel expenses (if necessary) will be met by the student.

Applicants are required to submit an application cover sheet and ACU application through the Australian Scholarships Foundation. To apply visit the ASF website: Application dates will be in alignment with the University’s standard Semesters commencing in February and July each year.