Law and Business

Revised and discontinued units

Current Unit Code Current Unit Title Description of change
ACCT100 Introduction to Accounting: More than the Numbers Unit name changed to Introduction to Accounting
ACCT204 Management Accounting: Accounting and Cost Information for Managers Unit name changed to Management Accounting
ACCT207 Financial Accounting: Accounting Standards and Frameworks Unit name changed to Financial Accounting
ACCT209 Advanced Financial Accounting Unit name changed to Cost Accounting
ACCT300 Auditing and Assurance Services: Auditing Standards and Frameworks Unit name changed to Auditing
ACCT304 Accounting Theory Replaced by ACCT305
ACCT305 Accounting Information Systems: Mastering Accounting Information Technology Unit name changed to Accounting Informations Systems
BAFN100 Money Matters Unit code changed to BUSN104 Money Matters
BAFN302 International Business Finance Replaced by Business Elective
BAFN303 Derivatives Investment Can be replaced by BAFN306 or BAFN307 or a Business Elective
BAFN304 Superannuation and Retirement Planning Can be replaced by BAFN306 or BAFN307 or a Business Elective
BAFN305 Risk Management and Insurance Can be replaced by BAFN306 or BAFN307 or a Business Elective
BIPX100 Professional Experience A Replaced by BIPX202 after S1 2017
BIPX200 Professional Experience 2 Replaced by BIPX202
BUSN110 Responsible Reasoning and Communication Replaced by BUSN102
BUSN202 Professional Ethics Replaced by BUSN304
BUSN303 International Governance and Sustainability Replaced by Business Elective
HRMG202 Performance Management Replaced by HRMG308
HRMG306 Remuneration, Reward and Recognition Replaced by MGMT309
HRMG307 Staffing and Talent Management Replaced by MGMT311
ISYS201 Information Technology Infrastructure Semester 2 2016 is the last study period of offering of the unit
ISYS625Information Systems Project ManagementChange of unit offering of unit from Semster 1 2017 to Semester 2 2017
LEGL304 Employment Law Replaced by HRMG308 or Business Elective
LEGL306 Marketing Law Discontinued unit
LEGL307 Banking and Finance LawDiscontinued unit
LEGL308Intellectual Property LawDiscontinued unit
LMGT202Supply Chain StrategyCan be replaced by MGMT309 or MGMT311
MGMT205Managerial Decision MakingCan be replaced by MGMT309 or MGMT312
MGMT307Cross Cultural ManagementReplaced by BUSN304
MGMT617 Research MethodsUnit offered Face-to-Face in Semester 1 2017 and now offered online in Semester 2 2017
MKTG200Marketing ResearchReplaced by MKTG315
UNCC300Understanding Self & Society: Contemporary PerspectivesUnit name changed to Justice & Change in a Global World