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Postgraduate Alumni Discount

Faculty of Law and Business Postgraduate Alumni Discount LogoWe are pleased to announce that a 10% discount will be offered to domestic ACU graduates (from any faculty) enrolling in full fee-paying postgraduate studies in the Faculty of Law and Business to commence studying in 2015 and will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Below are the discounted postgraduate coursework degrees offered exclusively by ACU Business:

More information

  • ACU graduates include: Domestic ACU alumni from any faculty, alumni from ACU's antecedent organisations and Open Universities Australia graduates with full degree from ACU. However, does NOT include international alumni (International graduates please refer to Executive Dean's Scholarships)
  • The discount also applies to graduands - those students who have been confirmed as having their 'course complete', but who have not officially graduated at the time of commencing postgraduate studies;
  • If alumni are in receipt of another scholarship/discount/bursary for the specified course, the 10% discount will NOT apply;
  • If alumni have received another scholarship/discount/bursary for previous undergraduate and/or postgraduate study at ACU the discount WILL apply;
  • Further conditions apply
For more information and conditions, or to apply, please contact

*Correct at time of posting, December 2014. Subject to change.