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About St Peter Faber

Our Mission inspired by the life of St Peter Faber

The School of Business seeks to develop reflective business leaders and independent learners who are global in their outlook, ethical in their actions and practical in the application of their professional skills.

This is done by engaging in business practices which strive to contribute to the common good, uphold the dignity of work and create goods and service which meet authentic needs; fostering an appreciation of the dignity of all people and the interconnectedness of nations as a global community; developing the skills to connect diverse experiences and knowledge into new insights; and ensuring an appropriate balance of theoretical, practical and research-engaged learning experiences.

Who is Peter Faber?

St Peter FaberSt Peter Faber SJ was one of the founding fathers of the Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits. Living from 1506 to 1546, unlike many people of his era, Peter Faber recognised a positive role for business in contributing to the common good.

Faber's vision for business is based on a recognition that while charity is essential, business has a unique role in creating positive, systemic and sustainable change. Business, when done well and not focused purely on maximising shareholder value, provides the means of allowing people to support themselves and their families with dignity.

Faber recognised the "flair" of business people, those characteristics such as the imagination to identify unmet needs, the willingness to take risks and the ability to inspire team members. Coupled with the skills to implement new ideas, the talents of business people can be harnessed for the betterment of society.

Why Peter Faber Business School?

While many business schools promote the stereotypical view that business is focused on “me” and money making, ACU strives to present a different discourse on the cause and effect of ethical business decisions and models.

Peter Faber’s belief that Business is a means of enabling individuals to support themselves is one that is both empowering and bold. He provides an essential understanding as to why business should have a sound moral footing and as such, personifies the approach ACU’s business school is imparting to its students. Today, the Peter Faber Business School operates from ACU campuses in Melbourne, Sydney (North Sydney and Strathfield) and Brisbane (Banyo and Brisbane CBD).