Health Sciences


Anatomy laboratory

Anatomy laboratories have been established on all three campuses — Ballarat, Brisbane and North Sydney. Respective state health departments licence the school to conduct anatomical teaching in compliance with the Transplantation and Anatomy Act 1979 and the Transplantation and Anatomy Regulation 2004.The

University is guided in all its endeavours by a fundamental concern for justice and equity, and for the dignity of all human beings. The University recognises and acknowledges the enormity and solemnity of the contribution that is made by those who donate their bodies for the purpose of providing learning resources to health practitioners, and by the loved ones of donors.

The University is committed to treating the human remains entrusted to its care with the utmost respect and professionalism.

The anatomy laboratories provide access to prosected human cadaveric material, anatomical models and eLearning resources to create a rich learning and teaching experience.

The laboratories are equally equipped, housing eight dissection tables, web enabled computing stations, iPads and sufficient space for students to engage in surface anatomy and kinesiology classes. Small student numbers ensure maximal learning interaction between students, teaching staff and teaching materials.

Safety of staff and students is a priority with a unique 100% dehumidified, cooled fresh air intake into the laboratory ensuring a constant supply of clean air. All Occupational Health and Safety requirements are maintained including safety showers, eyewashes, spill kits and laboratory attire as safety protocol.

Physiotherapy laboratory

The physiotherapy teaching laboratories were purpose fitted to meet the teaching and learning requirements of the School. These modern open plan facilities are furnished with state-of-the-art treatment plinths and the most up to date physiotherapy equipment. Students learn and practice the skills they require for professional practice using the latest technology.

Each laboratory has twelve plinths with web enabled computing stations and sufficient space to practice skills comfortably. The laboratories are set up to provide a therapist-patient experience similar to a professional clinic.

Research laboratory

The School’s research laboratories are housed in purpose built, flexible spaces that facilitate the conduct of research projects in all fields of physiotherapy. The laboratories provide space for data collection and analysis, as well as facilities for presentations of research data. The research laboratories will be used by both staff and students, including Honours, Masters and PhD students. The School provides dedicated desk space for Honours and postgraduate students.