Health Sciences

Bachelor of Physical Activity and Health Science

General course information

Our course focuses on the role of physical activity, exercise and healthy lifestyles as a major contributor to wellbeing through the lifespan. With a range of electives to choose from, you will graduate with multiple academic and vocational pathways to employment and further study in outdoor leadership, sport and coaching, exercise science, health and health promotion, teaching, and other related graduate entry programs.

Course details and application

Career options

Work in a range of areas including:

  • outdoor leadership
  • outdoor recreation
  • therapeutic outdoor programs
  • eco-tourism
  • sports coaching
  • health and fitness industry
  • personal training
  • health promotion
  • sports performance
  • teaching outdoor education and physical education*

* Depending on the undergraduate course the students choose they may undertake up to 8 units in the Outdoor Leadership.

Dependent upon elective unit choices, a graduate can seek teacher registration by undertaking a Graduate Diploma or Masters in Teaching.


Sandy Allen-Craig
Course Coordinator VIC
(03) 9953 3036

Kelly Johnson
Course Coordinator NSW
(02) 9701 4339

Peter Le Rossignol
Course Coordinator QLD
(07) 3623 7640

Example of course structure

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Bachelor of Physical Activity and Health Science (including all Outdoor Leadership Units)

Year 1

Semester 1

  • EXSC187 - Growth, Motor Development and Ageing
  • EXSC199 - Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity
  • BIOL125 - Human Biology 1
  • ELECTIVE EXSC201 - Foundations of Outdoor (VIC) (QLD) (NSW)

Semester 2

  • ANAT100 - Anatomical Foundations of Exercise Science
  • PUBH102 - Foundations of Health Promotion
  • UNCC100 - Our World: Community and Vulnerability
  • ELECTIVE EXSC202 - Journeying in Natural World (VIC) (QLD) (NSW)

Course details and application

Year 2

Semester 1

  • EXSC189 - Research and Ethics in Exercise Science
  • EXSC198 - Health, Fitness and Performance
  • EXSC222 - Functional Anatomy (ANAT100)
  • ELECTIVE EXSC290 - The Aquatic Environment & Outdoor Experience (VIC) (QLD) (NSW-2017)

Semester 2

  • EXSC230 - Motor Control & Learning (EXSC187)
  • EXSC107 - Resistance Training: Science and Application
  • EXSC204 - Exercise Testing and Prescription
    (EXSC198 or EXSC107)
  • ELECTIVE (Optional) EXSC315 - Alpine Ecology and the Outdoor Experience (VIC)

Hurdle EXSC Industry Experience Preparation

Course details and application

Year 3

Semester 1

  • EXSC399 - Industry Experience (EXSC206)
  • ELECTIVE EXSC390 - Leadership Practices & the Outdoor Experience (VIC) (QLD) (NSW-2017)
  • ELECTIVE EXSC312 - River Journeys & Connection to Place (VIC)

Semester 2

  • UNCC300 - Understanding Self and Society: Contemporary Perspectives
  • EXSC347 - Nutrition and Exercise
  • ELECTIVE (Optional) EXSC294 - The Outdoor Environments and Therapeutic Interventions (VIC)
  • ELECTIVE EXSC391 - Evaluation of the Outdoor Experience (VIC)

Course details and application

Students may take up to 8 units in Outdoor Leadership
VIC - 8 outdoor leadership units offered (6 units for VIT)
QLD - 4 outdoor leadership units offered as a minor (4 units for QCT)
NSW - 4 outdoor leadership units offered as a minor (4 units for BOSTES) (available 2017)