Health Sciences

Undergraduate programs

Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science

Qualify with a strong academic base in exercise prescription, sports performance analysis and physical activity across the lifespan, in the context of the scientific principles of fitness and health and their application.

From 2014-2018, any graduate of our Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science degree at the Brisbane, Strathfield or Melbourne campus can apply for ESSA membership at the Exercise Scientist level.

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You can still apply through QTAC and UAC for late round offers

Direct applications for Victoria close 15 February 2017

Bachelor of Physical Activity and Health Science

The course focuses on the role and benefits of exercise and healthy lifestyles. Graduates will qualify with a strong academic base in exercise physiology and nutrition, biomechanics, motor control and skill acquisition, and the psychology of sport and exercise. This program has multiple academic and vocational outcomes and pathways to employment and further study in sport and coaching, exercise science, health and health promotion, outdoor leadership, teaching and other related graduate entry programs.

Double Degrees

Bachelor of Exercise Science/Bachelor of Business Administration

This double degree is on offer at Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane campuses. The degree provides an extensive knowledge base of how the human body works, from a psychological, anatomical, physiological, motor control and biomechanical perspective, with a specific focus on the role of exercise in health, well-being and performance whilst preparing students for a career in business management.

Bachelor of Exercise Science/Bachelor of Public Health

This degree combines the strong, well-established and popular outdoor recreation or coaching major with ACU’s new public health curriculum.

Bachelor of Teaching/Bachelor of Exercise Science

The program provides a four-year teaching qualification for: Physical Education (PE) in Victoria; Health, Outdoor and Physical Education (HOPE) in the ACT; and Health and Physical Education (H/PE) in Queensland. The course offers qualifications relevant to a career in both the Secondary Education and the Exercise Science sectors.


Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science/Health Science (Honours)

After completing your bachelor degree you can undertake an independent supervised research project.