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Graduate Certificate in Performance Analysis

Course overview

The high performance sport industry is a global, multi-billion dollar entity that provides employment opportunities for a vast range of professions. One burgeoning area of specialisation is performance analysis.

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Constant evolution of tactics and strategic innovations in high performance sport means that performance analysis is a sought-after skill set. Therefore, contemporary knowledge and skills in performance analysis is required by professionals operating in applied and analytic roles in high performance sport organisations.

The Graduate Certificate in Performance Analysis aims to address key theoretical concepts of performance analysis and how it can be applied in high performance sport.

The course prepares graduates for the following roles:

  • Performance analyst
  • Sports scientist
  • Strength and conditioning coach
  • Professional coach
  • High performance manager
  • Sports science manager
  • Fitness advisor
  • Rehabilitation coach

Course structure

To achieve the Graduate Certificate in Performance Analysis you must complete 40 credit points (CP).

As you progress through the course you will advised by your Course Coordinator on the appropriate units to take to fulfil the requirements.

Breakdown of credit points required to complete the course:

40 CP from Coursework units

Coursework units

The course is aimed at people already in the workforce as well as graduating students. The course provides flexible learning pathways that can accommodate: professional employment commitments; internationally-based students; full-time or part-time enrolments; specific career and industry needs of individual students. To meet these objectives, the majority of each course is delivered online.


One semester full-time or part-time equivalent.

Study mode

The course is primarily delivered online. There will be a one-week intensive component at ACU’s Strathfield Campus in Sydney only, (February each year). Interstate and International students will be required to fly into Sydney for the intensive component.

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