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Graduate Certificate in High Performance Sport Leadership

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Course overview

The Graduate Certificate in High Performance Sport Leadership addresses the increasing demand of the industry for developing employees and athletes with strong leadership skills, and training in ethics and social responsibility.

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Specialist knowledge and skills in leadership and communication are addressed, with a focus on the industry context, given the diverse range of professions and personalities operating in high performance sport organisations. Proposed regulatory changes within the industry also make these skills a necessity, and this course specifically addresses these developments.

The course prepares graduates for the following roles:

  • High performance manager
  • Athlete management
  • Sports scientist
  • Professional coach
  • Rehabilitation coach
  • Sports administration
  • Fitness advisor
  • Athlete development and welfare
  • Strength and conditioning coach

Course structure

To achieve the Graduate Certificate in High Performance Leadership you must complete 40 credit points (CP).

As you progress through the course you will advised by your Course Coordinator on the appropriate units to take to fulfil the requirements.

Breakdown of credit points required to complete the course:

30 CP from Coursework units


10 CP from Elective units

The aim of the course is to develop graduates as professionals who are effective as socially responsible leaders, who can exercise concern for the wellbeing of their athletes, colleagues and the community. The consequence of this is that such professionals are distinctively different from others who do not embody such values through their practices. The curriculum is contemporary in addressing the rapidly-changing contexts and demands of the industry, equipping students with critical thinking, problem solving and self-management skills that promote the pursuit of further learning and the ability to communicate knowledge and ideas to the variety of professionals who operate in the high performance sport industry. These skills are critical to maintaining relevance in an industry that is, by definition, fiercely competitive and constantly evolving, especially for those in, or aspiring, to leadership roles.

Unit code Credit points Unit name
EXSC512 10 Leadership and Culture in High Performance Settings
EXSC659 10 Athlete Development: Strategies, Capabilities and Wellbeing
EXSC671 10 The Business of High Performance Sport
Unit code Credit points Unit name
EXSC670 10 Team Dynamics #
EXSC511 10 Technology in High Performance Sport
EXSC513 10 Data Analysis and Interpretation for High Performance Sport
EXSC652 10 Contemporary Issues in Sports Science *
EXSC653 10 Project Design for High Performance Sport
EXSC658 10 Performing Under Pressure

Elective units to be selected in consultation with the Course Coordinator.
# EXSC670 Team Dynamics is delivered in intensive, on-campus (attendance) mode at ACU in Melbourne (February each year).
* EXSC652 Contemporary Issues in Sports Science includes a one-week, on-campus intensive component at ACU in Melbourne (February each year) or off-shore (overseas) by invitation in June/July each year.


One semester full-time or part-time equivalent

Study mode

The course is primarily delivered online (depending on elective choice, students may be required to attend an on-campus intensive at the Melbourne campus).

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