Emma Stevenson is Professor of Sport and Exercise Science and theme lead for the Nutrition, Exercise and Metabolism research theme in the Institute of Cellular Medicine in the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Newcastle University. Emma is also a Principal Investigator in the Human Nutrition Research Centre at Newcastle. Emma’s research focuses on nutritional interventions to maximise exercise recovery and the effects of exercise and nutritional interventions on appetite regulation and metabolism. Recently, Emma’s work has focussed on the role of food products such as milk and beetroot in post-exercise nutrition strategies.

Emma has worked as a consultant Sports Nutritionist across several sports including the England Women’s football squads, Great Britain Ice Skating, England Netball, British Triathlon and The Professional Golf Association. Emma is an Academic Associate of the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr) and a member of The Physiological Society, The Nutrition Society and British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences.

Synopsis of talk

Optimal nutrition during the post-exercise recovery period is essential to replenish endogenous substrate stores, facilitate repair and reconditioning of muscle and in most cases, maximise the adaptation to the exercise session. The ‘optimal nutrition’ strategy therefore depends what an athlete is recovering from, the time to the next session and the training goals.

This presentation will review the current literature on nutritional strategies to optimise exercise recovery including maximising substrate repletion, attenuating muscle soreness and improving subsequent performance. Novel nutritional strategies will be considered as well as recommendations for team sports, endurance and strength based athletes. The presentation will also consider whether female-specific recommendations for recovery nutrition are warranted.