As the performance scientist and coach to Gold Medallists at the last four Olympic Games Scott has strong desire to enhance the lives of high performers.

He completed his Phd with the Australian Institute of Sport while working with the Australian Cycling Team leading up to Athens 2004 Olympics. British Cycling recruited him as part of their game changing Beijing 2008 Olympics - multi Gold medal winning team. In 2009 he joined British Swimming where he was instrumental in culture change to a more scientific and rigorous performance planning approach. He re-joined British Cycling in 2011 to coach Victoria Pendleton to Olympic Gold in London. Between consultancy roles with several sports for the EIS and UKSport he was appointed Head Coach at British Canoeing in 2013 to implement the Rio 2016 performance plan.

More recently, he is a visiting fellow at the University of Lincoln and completed his leadership coaching qualifications. He formed Track Record Coaching, with David Carry in 2016. He is now a performance coach to high level business teams and a consultant to sporting teams including the Malaysian Cycling Team and UKSport.

Synopsis of talk

Scott Gardner will deliver an interactive discussion-based presentation on his experiences as a performance scientist, coach and consultant within Team GB and other elite performing teams. His interactive talk focuses on how enhance team confidence through data, derived from performance planning, is the key to transformational and sustainable elite performance providing certainty of contribution for individuals and teams.

He will discuss buzz concepts like ‘what it takes to win’, ‘performance planning’, ‘growth mind set’ and ‘marginal gains’ from an applied sporting perspective. He believes the key to enhancing performance is through generating belief in purpose, ownership of identity, clarity in end win creating a commitment to continual performance planning.