Martin is the Head of the Performance Department at Paris Saint Germain Football Club (France) since 2014. Martin previously worked as a Football Physiologist in ASPIRE Academy for Sports Excellence in Qatar (2009-2014). He has also worked as a Strength & Conditioning (S&C) coach for several years in professional team Handball (Pro men, women and youth French national teams) and has been S&C/Sport Science consultant for several federations and professional teams (soccer, handball, basketball, rugby, AFL) and individual athletes (triathlon, runners, cyclists, swimmers). He earned two Masters in Research & Exercise Physiology and Statistics, two Masters in S&C, and a PhD in Exercise Physiology.

Martin’s main research focuses on assessing, improving and monitoring the physiological determinants of soccer performance. Based on his field and research experiences, he has developed the 30-15 Intermittent Fitness Tests (an intermittent field-running test used worldwide in team and racquet sports) to improve high-intensity training prescription, and the 5’-5’ running test to track changes in training status using heart rate variability and GPS metrics. He has also performed some research on acute and chronic responses to hypoxic and/or heat exposure, and their possible effects on the physiological aspects of team sports. Martin has now published more than 160 papers in peer-reviewed journals, with more than 100 as a first author. Lately, he has been involved in the launch of a new, open-access, reviewing-free web-platform aimed at improving research dissemination, Sport Performance and Science Reports.

Synopsis of talk

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is considered the highest interest topic in our field. Optimal HIIT programming needs to take into account the biological adaptations targeted, the athlete profile and sport, but more importantly it requires a good understanding of the acute metabolic and neuromuscular demands of each HIIT formats, which could be tailored to fit the overall micro cycle context. Martin will review briefly some of the concept around HIIT programming and provide examples of implementation and manipulation in various elite sports, with a special emphasis in team sports.