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Karen Agnew Award

The Karen Agnew Prize reflects Social Work's commitment to teach, encourage and support individuals making a difference in the field and the community.

Karen Agnew was a student at ACU's Strathfield campus for four years. After completing a Diploma in Habilitation at ACU, she followed her true passion and enrolled in a Bachelor of Social Work.

Karen died suddenly while on holiday in England in June 2007. At the time of her death, Karen was nearing the completion of her degree in the Bachelor of Social Work program. She was an extremely passionate and dedicated student with a genuine commitment to the practice of Social Work. This was apparent in the way Karen lived her life, the way she helped and guided her friends and family, and was particularly evident to her teachers during her field education placement.

Following Karen's death, staff and students in the School of Social Work wanted to honour her memory and pay tribute to her qualities as a student social worker. In recognition of Karen's dedication and attributes in field education placement, the Karen Agnew Award was established.

The Award has been given annually since 2008 and is open to all ACU social work students who have completed their first placement and are enrolled in the Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Theology/ Bachelor of Social Work or Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Social Work programs at any of the three campuses.

Karen Agnew Award - Honour Roll

2016: Lauren Waite (BA/BSW – Strathfield)

2015: Krystal Evans (BA/BSW – Strathfield)

2014: Hollie Stubbs (BSW – Strathfield)

2013: Joelle O’Brien (BA/BSW – Strathfield)

2012: Emily Coote (BA/BSW – Strathfield)

2011: Joanna Tasso (BA/BSW – Strathfield)

2010: Rosemary Cook (BSW – Strathfield)

2009: Jessica Allan (BSW – Brisbane)

2008: Judith Goodson (BSW – Strathfield)