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Arts Scholars Program

The National School of Arts welcomed its first cohort of students into the Scholars Program in 2016. The Program is available to students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Creative Arts and the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Global Studies degrees. Within the Bachelor of Arts, students must be undertaking a major sequence in Digital Journalism, Drama, Economics, Geography, History, Literature, Digital Media, Music, Politics, Sociology or Visual Arts.

The Scholars Program has been created for high-achieving students, and rewards academic excellence with the opportunity to participate in a lively research culture while studying at the undergraduate level. Students who complete the Scholars Program benefit from an enriching learning experience that can inspire and inform their career trajectories upon graduation. The Scholars Program also provides a clearly defined pathway into higher degree by research study at ACU for those who meet the entry requirements.

Entry to the program is by invitation. Following completion of their first year of study, the top 25 to 35 students of that year from the National School of Arts (with a minimum GPA of 5.5) are invited to participate in the Program, which commences the following year.

The Program consists of two units - HUMA251 Scholars 1: Shaping Humanity: Ideas, Power and Scholarship and HUMA328 Scholars 2: Independent Research Project - which give students an opportunity to work with our top researchers in a collaborative seminar-style environment.

Shaping Humanity: Ideas, Power and Scholarship (taken in Semester Two, second year)

This unit gives students the opportunity to join a select group of peers and academic experts in exploring some of the most burning and enduring questions in the social sciences and humanities. Each week, students focus on a question currently having a seismic impact on the world of ideas. They will consider the different ways in which scholars and thinkers from the Humanities, Social Sciences and Creative Arts disciplines are trying to answer these questions; the kinds of research methods they are using to do so; and the major works written about them. This unit prepares students for the next stage of the Scholars Program, in which they will develop their own exciting research projects with an expert mentor.

Independent Research Project (taken in Semester Two, third year)

This unit stresses depth of learning and provides students with the opportunity to engage deeply with influential works and debates occurring within their discipline of specialty, culminating in the completion of an independently formulated significant research project at the end of semester. Students will be linked to a high-calibre researcher and provided with one-on-one mentoring by a member of the Arts/Humanities staff who will be there to guide them as they conduct their research. On successful completion of this unit, students will gain first-hand experience working with some of the most innovative theories, methodologies and practices used by leading contemporary scholars and practitioners in their chosen field.

The Scholars Program offers students a window into academic life and an understanding of what it means to be a professional research academic.