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Paul Dwyer

Bachelor of Media Communication student Paul Dwyer completed his media internship in film distribution and script analysis. Read on to find out about the former St Kevin's College high school student on his university study experiences at ACU.

Why did you choose to study a Bachelor of Media Communication at ACU?

Paul Dwyer
Paul Dwyer

I originally wanted to become a teacher and I understood that the education courses were highly regarded at ACU, however when I found out that ACU were now offering a Bachelor of Media Communications degree I just had to put it down as a preference. I had previously completed a year of film studies at RMIT and always regretted not completing the course. What excited me about ACU was that the course was brand new and encompassed quite a few media avenues not just pertaining to film but journalism and public relations as well. Ultimately it was going to be a shared learning experience for both staff and students and I really loved that.

What have you enjoyed most in the course?
I've found enjoyment more in simply discovering courses that I never thought I would enjoy. Film has always been close to home for me and the team at ACU are extremely talented and great role models for any budding film makers. I find the structure of the week to week learning experience to be quite intense which is precisely what is needed to truly understand the industry. As students we are treated with independence and also given freedom to create our own productions. Apart from film I have really enjoyed Media Law. It's a brand new course and a fantastic way to understand the fine lines in journalism that occur when 'public interest' and unfair reporting meet. The course is thorough and at the same time easy to digest as it's taken from the point of view of the journalist and not of the lawyer.

What is your average day as an ACU Media Communication student?
My average day consists of a three hour journalism class in the morning, where we dissect current stories in the media and discuss our own projects on which we wish to report. Followed by a drama elective and then onto Screen Production where our  groups of 4 work together to produce each others work, assigning different roles such as lighting, sound, camera and assistant director.

What activities and community work placements were you involved in during the course?
While at ACU I was involved in the 'ACU WIRED' community radio. I had two shows that I co-hosted each week.  One was a half hour program discussing the latest movies to come out in that week. The other show was an hour long variety program called 'Believe it or not I'm talking on Air'.

Tell us more about your Media Internship at Village Roadshow…
The Village Roadshow Internship was an incredible 3 week experience for me. I went to two different companies within the Roadshow umbrella; the first was Film Distribution where my roles involved trailer editing, script analysis and advertising tasks. Throughout the course I've had a lot of opportunities to edit films and analyse scripts so the skills I developed through ACU actually helped me in my performance at Village Roadshow. The second place I visited was an advertising agency called Edge Loyalty which dealt specifically with digital gift cards, the requirements for this part of my internship were significantly different and required more of a marketing and advertising background. Fortunately for me Media Communications is a broad course that encompasses and allows students to take on quite a few avenues that pertain to Media in a global sense of the word. In second year we dissected ads in an analytical study and this made for great practice when it came to working with Edge.

How is the course supporting you to achieve your dreams and future career goals?
Simply put, without this course I would never have known my dream job even existed. While at Village roadshow I really enjoyed script analysis and found that I was good at it. I am currently keeping in touch with Village at will hopefully be starting a full time position with them in the Film Distribution department.

What would you say are the benefits of a Media Communication degree at ACU?
There may be reservations by future students due to a belief that ACU is not known for its Media Communications department, to this I say "look closer". The media industry is one of the toughest industries to break into no matter where you are coming from. My experience at ACU has lead me to see how broad this industry is, I leave knowing not only that there are more than a thousand jobs out there that could become future careers, but also ACU has left me with the skill set to achieve in all of those prospective jobs. Coming to ACU means you may begin knowing exactly what you want and then leave knowing you can do more than you ever thought possible.

What are your career goals and aspirations?
At this stage I'm still looking at Film Distribution at Village however through ACU I have made contacts with channel 31, channel 9, Madman Productions and many more. My goal is to work in this interesting and diverse industry and I know that I will.

June 2013