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Laura Lynch

Final year Bachelor of Media Communication student Laura Lynch is building her skills in the media sector through several work and volunteer placements. Read on to find out more about studying Media Communication at ACU.

Why did you choose to study a Bachelor of Media Communication at ACU?

Laura Lynch in her Production Assistant role
Laura Lynch in her
Production Assistant role

I was inspired to study media at ACU because I knew that small class sizes and close contact with my tutors and lecturers would allow me to learn at my fullest. I was unsure of what aspect of the media I wanted to become involved in so I decided to enter into a course that would allow me to engage with a broad range of mediums such as radio, camera work and writing so I could decide where I would like to go after finishing my degree.

What have you enjoyed most in the course so far?

I have really enjoyed subjects that have made me conscious of media in the past because I love researching and writing. One of the subjects I loved the most was 'Power Propaganda and Persuasion' where we looked into war time propaganda as well as modern day. It really encouraged debate on what is propaganda and persuasion.

In the Media Communications degree you have to undertake both Media and Communication units so I have had equal experience in both areas. This has enabled me to broaden my skills and I'm grateful for undertaking units I wouldn't have necessarily chosen because they've proven to help me in real-life applications in my internships.
What is your average day as an ACU Media Communication student?
Keeping up to date with what is happening in the world as well as keeping on top of my studies. At nights I'm often working at home for my internship, writing scripts for the radio show I am involved in and working on the company's social media.

What work placements are you involved in?
In conjunction with my degree, I have taken on several placements and experiences that have allowed me to continue to build upon my skills within the media sector.

In 2011 I was a reporter for an online publication, Youth Central. In this role I was able to interview celebrated Australian author Andy Griffiths as well as have the opportunity to attend and report on the Victorian Training Awards at Crown's Palladium.

I am also a member for the Minister for Youth's Involve Youth Ministerial Advisory Committee where I am also the media representative. This experience has seen me publish articles about the progress of the committee, attend a campaign launch with the Minister and speaking with the press as well as attend events such as the 2013 Australia Day celebrations at Government House with the Governor and past and present Premiers of Victoria. I am also a volunteer with The Salvation Army.

Furthermore, I am currently completing an internship at Student Broadcast Network where I write for two shows; Primary Perspectives and Switch On Saturdays which have a reach of Victorian students as well as a large following in the United States and across the Caribbean. This position has also allowed to me to engage in publicity through social media where I helped in redesigning the company website as well as get involved in using Facebook, Youtube and Twitter to promote segments.

My time in the Media Communications degree has proven to me that the skills that I have learned at university also have practical applications, which I have used in undertaking my extracurricular endeavours.

Tell us more about your Media Internship at SBN youth media

My role at SBN involves writing scripts and engaging in the company's social media. I am learning how to write for young people as well as see how I can ensure that SBN has a great digital reach.

My units in audio production and creative writing have provided me with the skills to write for the radio station. Although much is also learned on the job, these units were paramount in assisting me in how to format a script as well as develop content.

In one of my writing units in my first semester we talked about online media and blogging, which provided me with a back drop to how I should fulfil my role as a social media coordinator.

Tell us more about your role as spokesperson for a youth parliamentary initiative

I was selected as a Media Representative for the Minister for Youth's Involve Ministerial advisory Committee. In this role I attended a campaign launch and spoke on behalf of the Committee about our findings into the way in which young Victorians use social media. I have also had articles published about the progress of the Committee and through this role was also asked to attend the Governor's Australia Day celebrations this year at Government House.

How is the course supporting you to achieve your dreams and future career goals?

The degree has supported me through providing foundations in which to develop necessary skills as a media practitioner. It has allowed me to participate in units I was previously never conscious of and I have found myself being involved and engaged in a variety of media platforms. Furthermore, the degree has given me the skills that I need to complete my various internships.

What would you say are the benefits of a Media Communication degree at ACU?

The benefit of studying Media Communications at ACU is that small class sizes ensure that you are familiar with your classmates. In the future, this can be useful to you in terms of networking and learning off from each other. The Media Communication degree also requires that you undertake equal units in media and communication, which is fundamental to a media landscape that is rapidly changing. You can identify the areas that you are good at and where you previously thought you didn't have skills in. I never imagined that I would study audio production, and not only did I enjoy it, but I am now completing an internship at a radio station.

What are your career goals/aspirations?
I would like to see myself using my skills in media for the common good, such as promoting good causes. I would like to look further into work in public relations.

May 2013