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Courtney Petalas

Bachelor of Media Communication student Courtney Petalas has a keen interest in Journalism. She was able to secure an internship at Metro Media Publishing as part of the course's media internship component and put her writing skills into practice.

Why did you choose to study a Bachelor of Media Communication at ACU?

Courtney Petalas
Courtney Petalas

I have always had an interest in Journalism and news reporting, after meeting the teachers and Faculty staff here at ACU I began to see the opportunities of a broader degree such as Media and Communication rather than a straight journalism degree. This degree has allowed me the chance to gain a broad spectrum of the media industry as a whole which includes audio, radio, video production, website design, creative writing, journalism and law.

What have are you enjoying most in the course?
I'm thoroughly enjoying the communication and Journalism side of the course particularly subjects such as 'Writing the News'. I was fortunate to have a fantastic industry lecturer who taught us so much about the news industry and got us in touch with Journalist and communication professionals.

What is your average day as an ACU Media Communication student?
As a Media Communication student it is important we keep up to date with current news and technology advances. Students in this course are always coming up with creative ideas, whether this is for radio, film, documentary or creative writing and producing new and innovative work.

Tell me more about your Media Internship at Metro Media Publishing…
My role as an intern at Metro Media Publishing was similar to the Journalists employed there. I would go out and interview subjects, turn up to breaking news events, write up articles and research current news stories.  The skills I learnt in class were favourable to me as I was able to put these into practice and produce published material.

How is the course supporting you to achieve your dreams and future career goals?

The subjects I'm studying at ACU are all very current in today's society and are parallel to the media and communication industry. With hands on experience in the industry through internships and volunteer experience this course has created many pathways into my future career.

What would you say are the benefits of a Media Communication degree?
The Bachelor of Media Communication is an excellent course for anyone wanting to pursue a media communication or journalism career. With such an increase in social media a broad degree is very favourable for employers who see this education as vital. Studying at ACU has been extremely beneficial as it's a small and close knit university where the teachers get to know you on a more personal level and will go above and beyond to see you achieve.

What are your career goals and aspirations?
To use all the education and industry experience I have been fortunate to gain at ACU to fulfil a career as a Journalist, newsreader or work in the public relations sector of a news and broadcasting company.

June 2013