Current Hub activities

Issues in Teaching and Learning Science, ICT, and Mathematics in Rural and Regional Australia: A National Survey

Supporting the SiMERR National Survey of Science, ICT and Mathematics Education with detailed interview data. The national Survey is one of the largest ever undertaken in Australia, and extends across schools in all States and Territories. Every primary and secondary teacher involved in science, ICT and mathematics education in non-metropolitan schools will be invited to have their say on a range of issues, from the benefits of teaching in country schools, to coping with professional isolation. In order to provide data for comparison, a large number of city schools in each state and territory will also be invited to participate.

Context-Rich Integrated Mathematics and Science (CRIMS)

An ASISTM Project in association with Merici College, St Clares College, St Francis Xavier College and Daramalan College, ADFA and Texas Instruments.

CRIMS aims to produce 25 well-developed and tested context-based teaching resources to promote innovation and student interest. These tasks will integrate maths and science, be inquiry based and student-centred. Teachers and industry partners will collaborate on their planning. The project intends to involve students in data logging, excursions and the use of handheld technology. Designed for Years 7 to 10, the resources will be trialled at multiple partner schools and will be transferable to other schools nationally through CRIMS-online.

Getting Ready for Learning Objects: Examining Technological and Pedagogical Readiness for the Implementation of Learning Objects in ACT Schools

This ACU-IRIS grant project examines aspects of readiness on the part of ACT schools and teachers with regard to the effective implementation of Information and Communications Technologies, particularly Le@rning Federation Stage 1 Learning Objects (released to schools by ACT Department of Education and Training during 2004 and with specific focus on literacy, mathematics and science). Preliminary evaluation of these Learning Objects (Chapuis, 2003, 23) indicates two key variables in this regard, referred to here as technological readiness (hardware, access, personnel and policy issues) and pedagogical readiness (knowledge, skills, beliefs and attitudes of teachers relevant to the use of Information and Communication Technologies in general, and Learning Objects in particular). The project is a joint venture involving ACU, the Canberra-Goulburn Catholic Education Office, the University of Canberra and the ACT Department of Education and Training.

Please feel free to complete the online survey for this project.

ASISTM Critical Friends Project

Jointly with the ACU Flagship for Mathematics and Literacy Education Research, members of the ACT SiMERR Hub will be involved as Critical Friends to assist in the evaluation and improvement of various successful ASISTM Projects in the region.

A complete list of projects undertaken by SIMERR ACT, together with publications can be found on the SiMERR National Centre Home page.

For more information concerning SiMERR ACT, please contact Associate Professor Catherine McLoughlin.