Response Ability Pathways

Developed by Dr Larry Brendtro, Response Ability Pathways (RAP) is a training course designed to provide essential skills for those working with young people experiencing conflict in out-of-home care settings, juvenile justice programs, schools, families and other community settings. It is based on the need for adults to provide positive responses to the needs of young people rather than reactions to their problems.

This two-day workshop is delivered by Dr Tim Moore, Institute of Child Protection Studies; and Dr Diana Boswell, Thomas Wright Institute. Training is run in Canberra approximately twice per year, and could also be delivered to specific services upon request.

The workshop explores:

  • Why the ability to connect is so important
  • Why so many young people are reluctant to connect
  • Why our 'cultural training' predisposes us to interventions of disconnection
  • What recent neuroscience tells us about connecting
  • How we can re-frame the challenging behaviours of young people
  • How we can understand the four 'typical' response patterns of distrustful young people
  • How we can learn to respond in ways that promote trust and connection

The training is for anyone with an interest in working with young people in stressful circumstances, such as educators, social workers, psychologists, youth workers, counsellors, residential and foster carers, police officers, service providers, coordinators and managers, and trainers.

For more information view the RAP Training Flyer, or contact the Thomas Wright Institute on (02) 6295 6255 or