EXSC310 Coaching Science

10 cp
Prerequisites Nil
Teaching Organisation 150 hours of focused learning.

This unit aims to provide students with an understanding of coaching as a sport science and develop a philosophy that recognises a systematic and progressive introduction of the skills of coaching in a variety of settings. Particular attention will be given to the legal responsibilities of coaches, the coaching of juniors, the disabled and the older sportsperson, sequencing of coaching sessions within periodised programs and the professional development of coaches within a Code of Ethics framework. Practically, students are required to undertake a significant coaching experience in the community. Students will evaluate the ideal professional practice in coaching and consider the issues of athlete-centred practice in coaching. Throughout the unit students will be encouraged to adopt and communicate a strong personal philosophy of coaching that is scientifically systematic, ethical in approach and current in accordance with state-of-the-art coaching skills. The attainment of vocational qualifications pertinent to this area of study will also be facilitated (National Coaching Accreditation Scheme - NCAS) with students making significant progress towards Level II certificates.

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