EDST545 Science Curriculum and Teaching 3

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Pre or Co-requisite
EDST543 Science Curriculum and Teaching 1

The need to enable the transition to a sustainable future is becoming urgent, and new curricula from around Australia are now including an understanding of education for sustainability. Moreover, science itself has undergone immense change with the growth of biotechnology, nanotechnology and other areas linked into the global economy. Together, these drivers call for a broader interpretation of science that includes “sustainability science” as one response that engages the diverse knowledge systems of modern western science (MWS), eco-literacy, ethno-science, local knowledge, futures thinking, and global education to produce human-environment systems aimed at developing a sustainable future. This unit, together with Science Curriculum and Teaching 4, will assist students to develop the necessary knowledge, skills and values to teach a ‘sustainability science’ approach within science education to both junior and senior secondary classes. It enables students to consider the ecological, cultural and social costs of commodity-based techno-science, and develop sustainable futures thinking. Such an approach offers students novel ways of considering both classroom practice and wider issues of science education appropriate for a proactive and informed science education in a rapidly changing world of the 21st century.

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