EDMA310 Mathematics: Learning and Teaching 2

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Pre or Co-requisite
EDMA202 Mathematics: Learning and Teaching 2
EDMA309 Exploring Mathematics 2

This unit is designed to provide preservice teachers with opportunities to consider issues and strategies in planning, implementing and monitoring learning experiences for pupils in early childhood and primary mathematics, with an underpinning concern for justice and the dignity of all. Preservice teachers will explore the structure and content of the mathematics curriculum with reference to relevant national, state or territory documents. Opportunities will be provided to experience and critically examine a range of different learning activities and teaching approaches. The teaching of rational number, algebra, and chance and data will form the content basis of this unit. Preservice teachers will examine a range of formal and informal assessment strategies with an emphasis on using these tools to inform reporting on student achievement. Underpinning explorations in the unit will be theories of children's mathematical learning such as constructivism, and sociocognitive approaches to learning. Preservice teachers will investigate the findings of reported research into mathematics education issues considered within this unit, and will discuss implications for the classroom.

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