EDLA517 Language and Literacy Education

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This unit focuses on the theory and pedagogy of language and literacy education in primary classrooms. The role of language and literacy in learning and living will be explored; in particular, the role of literacy in empowering the individual. A special focus will be on highlighting the range of skills learners require for effective participation in todays information-rich society. Students will examine different theories of language and literacy to explain the nature and processes involved in learning to read and write and to use language for a wide range of purposes, and how to apply appropriate instructional practices to suit the needs of diverse learners. Students will study the reading and writing processes, the relationship between spoken and written language, the way language structures are used to construct meaning in different text types, and critical literacy. A range of literary, non-literary, media and multi-modal texts will be studied as resources for literacy pedagogy. Students will examine, using the relevant curriculum guidelines, a range of principles and practices for teaching speaking, listening, viewing, reading and writing in diverse classrooms.

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