EDLA309 Literacy Education 2

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EDLA204 Literacy Education 1

This unit focuses on the learning and teaching of speaking, listening, writing, reading and viewing appropriate to the later years of primary school. Questions of integration of knowledge and its application in schools and community will be addressed. Preservice teachers will extend their study of a range of relevant literary (e.g. novels), information, media and multi-modal texts appropriate to Years 3-6 and examine ways of using such texts for planning and integrating literacy across their classroom teaching. Knowledge and ability to scaffold children’s learning at more complex levels of reading and writing structures and processes, with a particular focus on scaffolding literacy, will be extended. This knowledge incorporates children’s ability to draw on spelling strategies, word processing and technology to underpin their competence in literacy. Emphasis will be learning how to support children to become effective, analytical and critical writers and readers of a variety of text types for different purposes, appropriate for Years 3-6. The unit will develop the preservice teachers’ understanding of assessment-related issues and the purposes, characteristics, and limitations of various types of assessments.

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