EDCU624 Teachers Leading Curriculum Change

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Theoretical perspectives and the construction of curriculum along with learning theories that relate to the way individuals acquire new knowledge, skills and competencies and the relationship of these to curriculum, form the foundation of study within this unit. The key focus is developing educators as leaders of curriculum change. While theories of curriculum and learning theories provide frameworks for educators for designing curriculum, other considerations for a leading teacher of curriculum also will be studied. Understanding the nature of leadership, attributes and roles of leaders and the development of teachers as leaders all form part of the learning. Studying and understanding the nature of change and the complexity of initiating, applying and sustaining change all form part of the focus for developing teacher capacity in educational settings. Case study analyses will assist students to identify emotions of change and develop an understanding of and reasons relating to varying levels of commitment to many forms of change. Models and frameworks of professional learning and research relating to these will be examined to assist teacher leaders to build the capacity of teachers for designing and initiating change to meet the needs of schools and students.

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