COUN224 Addiction Counselling

10 cp
Prerequisites COUN106 Introduction to Counselling and Micro-Skills, COUN221 Humanistic Theories and Interventions

This unit introduces students to the theories and concepts that underpin addiction in the twenty-first century by examining the following addictions: smoking, alcohol, eating and caffeine, licit and illicit drugs, gambling and other problem behaviours (eg exercise, work, sex, and shopping). Students will also learn the theories of addictive behaviours and the shift from a disease model of addiction to the social learning theory perspective and the contemporary stages of change model (TTM). The unit discusses the stages of addiction in the context of this model and examines the similarities and differences between addictive behaviours. There is an emphasis on the wide variety of treatment approaches applied to these problems and the evaluation of their effectiveness. Risk management techniques such as harm minimisation and harm reduction will also be evaluated.

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