COUN221 Humanistic Theories and Interventions

10 cp
Prerequisites COUN106 Introduction to Counselling and Micro-Skills

This unit introduces students to major humanistic and existential theories of counselling, key principles and techniques, and underlying philosophical viewpoints. The unit will provide an overview of humanistic, gestalt, transpersonal, phenomenological and existential theories and will emphasise the theories philosophical, phenomenological and methodological implications for counselling practice. The theories covered in this unit will focus on the therapeutic alliance, personal growth, recognition of individual creativity and its potential and critical self-reflection and self-awareness. In addition to examining theory-specific techniques, the unit will demonstrate how the core micro-skills apply to each of the therapies and build upon the micro-skills training introduced in COUN106. Ten hours of training in the application of micro-skills in therapeutic practice will be the focus of the tutorial program. The suitability of each approach specific to counselling intervention will be explored. Furthermore, the notion of referral and referral options will be examined.

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