ARTS411 Research Thesis/Research Studio Practice C (Part-time)

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Prerequisites ARTS408 Research Thesis/Research Studio Practice A
Teaching Organisation Independent study with a supervisor. Twelve weeks or equivalent.

In consultation with a supervisor, students will undertake a research project in a self-initiated area of specialisation. The student will pursue the intention of the original proposal, refining and developing concepts, processes, and techniques. At the conclusion of the unit students will submit their project for exhibition and assessment, or in the case of art and design history and theory specialists, a thesis for examination. Graphic design specialists may exhibit their work on-line, if this is deemed appropriate. The ACU Galleries will provide a public venue for the display of student artwork and will enable the wider community to participate in a significant cultural event. Students will be expected to deliver an artists’ floor talk about their work during the course of the public exhibition. Art and design history and theory specialists will assist in the curatorial process by contributing to the catalogue essay, when this is required.

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