ADFX413 Professional Experience Primary 4: Extended Reflective Practice

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Prerequisites ADFX310 Professional Experience Primary 3
Co-requisite ADFD452 Transition into the Profession

This school-based professional experience is undertaken in the final year of the course and facilitates the induction of preservice teachers into the profession. This practicum focuses on the identification of the professional role of the teacher as one of reflector, thinker, learner, and investigator within a particular classroom context and as an integral member of a school community. The unit allows principals, school coordinators, associate teachers and preservice teachers to work collaboratively with the University to assess, challenge, develop and extend the abilities of preservice teachers. It also provides opportunities for school-based study and the development of closer links between theoretical considerations and the teaching and learning experiences encountered in schools.

This unit aims to provide preservice teachers with a substantial block of extended reflective professional experience that more closely approximates the realities of everyday teaching; extends preservice teachers’ repertoire of pedagogical skills in the planning and delivery of appropriate teaching and learning programs; and develops preservice teachers’ appreciation of the teachers’ role within the school and broader educational community.

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