Elite Athlete and Performer Program

While studying at ACU, elite athletes may require additional support to maintain sporting excellence while undertaking studies in higher education. The Elite Athlete and Performer Program has been designed to support and encourage students in managing both areas of their life to ensure that elite student athletes achieve their goals.

Australian Catholic University is a foundation member of the national Elite Athlete Friendly University (EAFU) agreement developed in partnership with the Australian Sports Commission. ACU is signatory to the EAFU which means ACU supports Australia’s elite athletes to achieve academic excellence while also pursuing a sporting career.

Under the discretion of the university, ACU supports elite artistic performers in the program recognising the commitment required to perform at a high level in this field.

Student athletes and performers are expected to re-apply annually to access the program privileges.

Bonus points for admissions
ACU may offer up to five bonus points to new applicants. This will add to your entry score for admission to ACU depending on the performance level achieved and the recognition granted to the sport and its governing body. This is in recognition of competitive commitments which may have impacted your high school academic performance and to assist you in gaining entry into your chosen course at ACU.

Please note, there is normally a maximum of 12 bonus points applied across all schemes.

Academic support
As a member of the Elite Athlete and Performer Program, you may seek to negotiate your study schedule, including timetables and assessment with your lecturer-in-charge (LIC), and/or course coordinator. Your applications to LICs and course coordinators for academic adjustments will be supported (where evidenced) by the Elite Athlete and Performer Program Coordinator. In addition to this you can receive support from the academic skills unit and career guidance services.

The Elite Athlete and Performer Program is a Student Engagement and Services initiative to support student athletes and performers outside the academic (EAFU) scheme.

Applications for financial support will be opened in January, 2017 via the Orgsync Elite Athlete and Performer Program Portal.

Elite Athlete and Performer Program Scholarship
Depending on the proven elite level of the athlete or performer, students may receive scholarship grants of up to $2000 given out at the discretion of the university. This scholarship is to assist in national and international competition travel and accommodation expenses and any study related expenses. Students must re-apply annually.

Direct Athlete and Performer financial support
Student Athletes are able to apply for once off additional funding of up to $1000 to assist with travel and accommodation when competing at elite sporting events. This financial assistance will be given at the discretion of the university upon application with supporting documentation of approaching competition.

Australian University Games subsidies
Elite Athletes or Performers may be entitled to subsidised fees for representing ACU at national and international events endorsed by Australian University Sport.

Important point’s before applying for the Elite Athlete and Performer Program financial support:

  • Ensure that you meet ACU’s Elite Athlete Program Financial Assistance eligibility criteria
  • Have confirmation of your Elite Athlete status in ACUs Elite Athlete Program
  • Ensure that you have all supporting documentation including, cover letter, sporting resume, reference and any other evidence of your achievements in your chosen sport (ie. certificates and awards)
  • Are willing to provide a high quality photo that ACU may use for promotional purposes.

Elite Athlete
An Elite Athlete is defined as, “Someone who has been identified as such by the Australian Institute of Sport, a State Institute (or Academy) of Sport or through membership of relevant national association.

These include:

  • Australian Sports Commission Recognised Sport
  • Australian Institute of Sport
  • State Institutes or Academies of Sport
  • AFL Players’ Association
  • Australian Cricketers’ Association
  • Rugby Union Players’ Association
  • Rugby League Professionals’ Association
  • Australian Professional Footballers’ Association
  • National senior squad members from CACE supported sports
  • Coach Career Management Program
  • SCOPE Program

Elite Performer
At ACU an Elite Performer is defined as, “Someone who has been identified as having membership and significant success in major artistic performing arts or production company at a state, national or international level”

These include:

  • Member of National Arts company (eg Opera Australia)
  • Member of State Arts company (eg NSW Youth Orchestra, Sydney Dance Company)
  • Significant success in major artistic performing arts competition at a state, national or international level
  • Undertaken a major role in commercial arts production as performer or producer
  • Needs to have been signed by a major commercial label or producer
  • Must have had significant success as an independent artist/producer with documented track record (eg signed record label).

More specifically the criteria can include:

  • Actors Equity Australia
  • Australia dance council
  • Australian dance theatre
  • Australian chamber orchestra
  • The symphony Australia company
  • Opera Australia/state opera
  • Musica viva
  • ABC concerts.

ACU also recognises students who may not have achieved the specific national criteria but are able to demonstrate they are pursuing a bona fide path towards this or a comparable level of representation.

If you believe you fit this category, your eligibility will be determined on the basis of:

  • Your previous and current level of achievement in your chosen sport or artistic performance
  • A demonstrable commitment to a continuing training program designed to pursue a sporting or performing career at the highest level
  • Your current enrolment at Australian Catholic University

In order to apply for the Elite Athlete and Performer Program you must ensure you have the necessary supporting documentation ready before applying.

Supporting documentation includes:

  • One page sporting resume summarizing your 2016 sporting achievements and experiences.
  • A letter from your relevant sporting or performing institution or association that verifies your level of elite involvement in 2016 and ongoing in 2017.
  • Current training and expected competition schedule for 2017 (if possible)
  • Relevant sporting photo (action shot preferred).

You will also be required to read and accept the ACU Student Athlete Terms and Conditions.

Future Students Apply Here
Future students must also apply via the relevant tertiary admissions centre (UAC,QTAC VTAC).

Current Students or to re-apply for EAPP in 2017 - Apply Here
Current Students or students who have already accepted an ACU offer, including postgraduate students, can apply at any time during the year.

  • 18th November cut-off date for 2017 Future Student Applications close (case by case basis thereafter)
  • 18th November to re-apply for current members of the Elite Athlete and Performer Program via the OrgSync Portal. Students wishing to apply for a Scholarship will need to re-apply via the EAPP portal to access the scholarship application forms.

Notification regarding successful applications will be announced after the major offer rounds.

Offers are released progressively from 0ctober 2016. The major offer rounds for 2017 are to be advised.

1. How will I find out if my application is successful?

Once you apply online you will be notified with your main letter of offer.

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2. How do I know if I get bonus points?

You will either receive an offer or not.

ACU does not release bonus point information.

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3. Who is eligible to apply for the EAPP?

An Elite Athlete is defined as, “Someone who has been identified as such by the Australian Institute of Sport, a State Institute (or Academy) of Sport or through membership of relevant national association.

At ACU an Elite Performer is defined as, “Someone who has been identified as having membership and significant success in major artistic performing arts or production company at a state, national or international level”.

Please view the Eligibility list of recognized associations.

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4. What should be included in my supporting letter of recommendation?

Your supporting letter of recommendation must be on an official organizational letterhead, have the appropriate contact details (email and mobile) of your referee and explain your current involvement in your sport/performance.

Please note that if this criterion is not meet your application will not be considered.

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5. If successful, what are the benefits of being a part of the EAPP?

If successful, you will be able to take advantage of the bonus point scheme, early timetabling allocation and will be provided with academic support throughout the year.

For further details view the Benefits of the Elite Athlete and Performer Program.

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6. If I am not successful, am I allowed to re-apply if my sporting or performing circumstances change?

Yes, if your sporting or performing circumstances change you will be allowed to re-apply at the start of each semester.

You can re-apply by speaking with an EAPP staff member.

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7. Who is eligible to apply for an EAPP Scholarship?

Every applicant is allowed to apply for a financial scholarship.

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8. What do I do if I miss the cut-off date?

If you miss the cut-off date you will be able to still submit your application, as applications are reviewed on case by case bases.

However, if you are accepted after the cut-off date you are more than likely to miss out on early timetabling and scholarships.

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9. How do I enroll?

You can enroll into units through Student Connect.

Simply log in, select the ‘My Enrolment’ tab, and select ‘Enrolment Manager.

  • To enroll in units, you need to click ‘Enroll’ and select the relevant study period.
  • Select the unit code, enter the unit number, and select your campus.
  • Click on ‘Unit Search’ and the unit you have entered will be displayed.
  • Just tick the box in front of the unit, and click ‘Register’.

You can easily check to see that you are enrolled correctly by selecting the ‘Confirmation of Enrolment’ tab in Student Connect.

If you are having difficulty enrolling you can contact a member of the EAPP staff.

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10. How do I choose my timetable?

You can choose your timetable using Tutorial Direct.

You will need to login using your student number and password.

In the menu on the left hand side of your screen, you will see a list of the units you’re enrolled in.

Click the ‘T’ button underneath the name of the unit you wish to allocate.

A list of available classes will appear in the main part of screen.

Decide which time suits you best and click the blue ‘Select’ button next to that tutorial.

When the button is red and says ‘Full’ or 'Clash', you can’t choose that time.

Once you are successfully allocated the button will turn green and say ‘Allocated’.

It is possible to change your allocation by clicking on 'Select' for another available class, however, your old allocation will then be gone and your place made available to other students.

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11. How do I pay my fees?

Go to Student Connect and select the ‘My Fees’ tab and go to Fee Payments.

  • Deferring fees to HECS - You will need to provide your individual tax file number and select HECS HELP in your fees tab.
  • Paying upfront fees - You can pay your fees online through Student Connect, using BPAY (online banking) or with a credit card. ACU accepts MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Make sure you pay/defer your fees by the due date listed on your invoice, otherwise you can be charged late fees, or even have your enrolment cancelled.

If you have a HECS-HELP loan, or your FEE-HELP loan covers this semester’s payments, your fees will be paid automatically on the due date.

You make repayments to your HELP loan through the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), not through the University.

Even if you have an active HELP loan, you can still pay your fees upfront to the University directly just by paying before the due date.

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12. How do I defer my course?

If you have been made an offer for an undergraduate course at ACU, you can apply to defer commencement of your course, for up to one year, by completing the Application to Defer (DEF) form.

Deferment is not available for non-award and postgraduate courses.

After applying for deferment, you will receive an automatic email response confirming that your application has been received.

When your application has been processed you will receive an email advising you of the outcome of your application and, if deferment is granted, the process for commencing your studies at ACU in the future.

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13. What if I am away when I need to select my timetable?

You will need to send your timetable preferences to a staff member of the EAPP, and they will work with your course coordinators to obtain your timetable.

Timetables often change unexpectedly therefore, EAPP staff cannot guarantee your classes.

However, we will try to accommodate your schedule as much as possible.

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Elite Athlete and Performer Coordinators

Ceran Nilsen
National Elite Athlete and Performer Program Officer
07 36237810

General Elite Athlete and Performer Program Enquiries:

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