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Faculty prizes and awards are presented to both undergraduate and postgraduate students in recognition of excellent performance during, or at the completion of their courses. While both prize and award recipients are nominated by faculty members, a prize is awarded to recognise a student's academic or other achievement, for example, leadership or involvement in social justice activity and is awarded to a student at the completion of a particular unit or course. In contrast, an award is granted to a student to encourage or assist them to pursue their studies, rather than at the conclusion of their studies.

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Please note scholarships are distinct from faculty prizes and awards as they are based on student applications which are coordinated by the scholarships office. Prizes and awards are faculty nominated.


Prizes and awards range in value from $100 to $2,000. Faculty members nominate prize and award recipients who then receive a financial reward, voucher, membership or other entitlement donated to ACU Foundation by supporters to the university.


Prize and award recipients are chosen by faculty members at the end of the academic year. Student recipients are notified the following year during first semester and attend a ceremony at their home campus to receive their prize or award, usually presented by the supporting donor.

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For further information about prizes and awards offered by your faculty please browse the complete listing of ACU faculty prizes and awards.

You can also contact your faculty prizes and awards representative directly.