If you are an international student on a student visa and studying on campus with difficulties paying your tuition fees due to financial hardship, you may apply to pay your tuition fees by instalments in each standard study period. Application for fees instalment plans are assessed based on individual circumstances and are not automatically granted. You must justify and provide a detailed reason for your request as to why you cannot pay your tuition fees by the due date. If the application is approved, you will be able to pay your tuition fees in three separate instalments.

You can apply by completing the Instalment Plan Application Form

Please note: Hard copy (e.g., paper) applications will not be processed.

Who can apply?

International students on a student visa who are currently studying on campus and have completed at least one study period at ACU or pathway course/s at ACU are eligible to apply. International students in their first study period at ACU are not eligible to apply for fees instalment plan and should contact their International Student Advisor if they have difficulties paying their tuition fees

International students studying via the Online campus are not eligible for an instalment plan.

Can I still apply for an instalment plan if my enrolment has been previously cancelled for non-payment of fees?

Yes, you can still submit an Instalment Plan Application even if your enrolment was previously cancelled for non-payment of fees. However, your payment history will be taken into serious consideration when we assess your application.

Can I apply for an instalment plan for my winter or summer school fees?

No, fees instalment plans are available for standard study periods (Semester 1 and Semester 2 only).

How do I apply?

You can apply by completing the Instalment Plan Application Form

When can I apply?

You may apply as soon as the application form is available on this website, which is approximately two months before the tuition fees due date of each standard study period.

When is the last day to apply?

The closing date is Thursday week 2 of the semester. More details about the closing date can be found in the online Instalment plan application form. You will not be able to access the online Instalment Plan application form after the closing date.

How do I find out if my application is approved or not?

You will be notified of the outcome of your application by email to your ACU student email account within ten working days of the submission of a completed application.

How do I pay my tuition fees if my application for instalment plan is approved?

If your application is approved, you must pay each instalment in full by the following instalment due dates:

Instalment 1: 50% of total tuition fees payable due on the semester payment due date (please refer to Payment Due Dates webpage)

Instalment 2: 25% of total tuition fees payable due Monday week 6 of the semester

Instalment 3: 25% of total tuition fees payable due Monday week 9 of the semester

Please refer to the online Instalment plan application form for more details on the fee instalment due dates of the semester.

What happens if I miss an instalment due date?

If you have not paid all your fees by the final instalment date, a $200 Late Payment Fee will be charged to your account.

If you have difficulties in meeting the instalment due dates, due to unforeseen circumstances, you must contact your International Student Adviser as soon as possible, before the fees due date to discuss your options.

What do I do if my enrolment is cancelled for non-payment of fees?

If you have not paid all your fees by the final instalment date, you will receive an email notifying you of the University’s intention to cancel your enrolment. A $200 Late Payment Fee and Financial Hold will be applied to your student account.

If you do not pay your outstanding fees within 20 working days from the date of the email, your enrolment will be cancelled. You will also be charged a $150 Reinstatement Fee in order to have your enrolment reinstated.

For international students studying on a student visa, the university will have to report your cancellation of enrolment due to non-payment of fees to the Department of Education and Department of Home Affairs (DHA) as required under the National Code 2018. This may have a serious impact upon your student visa. At this point you will be strongly recommended to contact the nearest DHA office to discuss the implications on your student visa.

I have questions about instalment plans, who can I contact?

You are welcome to contact your International Student Adviser if you have any questions or concerns regarding your tuition fees payments.

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