Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander student communities

ACU is committed to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students throughout their educational journey.

Indigenous Higher Education Units

The Indigenous Higher Education Units are welcoming, culturally safe and supportive places. You can meet Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and staff, make friends, and get information, advice and support.

We have units across all of our campuses:

  • Jim-baa-yer (Melbourne and Ballarat)
  • Dhara Daramoolen (Canberra)
  • Weemala (Brisbane)
  • Yalbalinga (Sydney)

Tutorial assistance

There is academic tutorial assistance available to all ACU’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

The Tutorial Assistance program is supported by the Australian Government. It is free, available to any year level on any ACU campus, and tailored to meet your specific needs. Contact your Indigenous Higher Education Unit to learn more.

Away From Base program

Away From Base is a program that allows you to live, work and study in your own community while earning a university degree.

As an Away From Base student, you would visit ACU's Brisbane or Strathfield campus for four weeks a year for face-to-face lectures. These are called ‘residentials’, and you attend campus for a one-week residential at the start and end of each semester.

Contact an Indigenous Higher Education Unit

Australian Capital Territory
Canberra Campus
Brisbane Campus
Dhara Daramoolen (Earth, Spirit)
Weemala (Distant View)
Phone:- 02 6209 1231
Phone:- 07 3861 6122
Ballarat Campus
Melbourne Campus
New South Wales
Strathfield Campus
North Sydney Campus
Jim - baa - yer (To Learn - To Teach)
Yalbalinga (Place of Learning)
Phone:- 03 9953 3004
Phone:- 02 9701 4258