Welcome to the Finance Directorate

  1. Overview
  2. Finance Mission Statement
  3. Contact Details

1. Overview

The Finance Directorate is responsible for accurately recording all financial transactions in the Financial Management System and then analysing this information to assist the University's decision-making process.

2. Finance Mission Statement

To support the University by providing timely, reliable and high quality financial services to its internal and external customers.

3. Contact Details


Director of FinanceScott JenkinsACU FinanceX2903North Sydney
Executive Officer to the Director of FinanceAnuschka MazzaACU FinanceX2153North Sydney
Associate DirectorPaul ZappiaFinancial Corporate ServicesX2707North Sydney
Associate DirectorMitch SrbinovskiFinancial OperationsX2907North Sydney
Systems Business ManagerKamini NagodavithaneACU FinanceX9036North Sydney

Financial Operations Team

Procurement ManagerNicholas TampACU ProcurementX2703North Sydney
Procurement SpecialistKevin PalmerIT Procurement SpecialistX7551Brisbane
Purchasing OfficerKarinna LuceyIT Purchasing OfficerX7565Brisbane
Purchasing OfficerLynette BodleyIT Purchasing OfficerX7458Brisbane
Financial AccountantKatie Kung acting on behalf of Rajan Wijey until 30 June 2017 GST
Insurance (excluding Workers Compensation)
Motor Vehicles
Building Asset Management
X2945 or X9088North Sydney
Assistant AccountantCathy ChenReceipting
X2928North Sydney
Finance OfficerCandy JowettTravel Procedures
QLD Journals
Qantas Corporate Memberships
Finance OfficerBelinda MadeiraEquipment Asset Management
QLD Journals
Overseas Travel Acquittals
Accounts Receivable OfficerThuy (Teresa) DoanInvoicing
NSW Journals
X2904North Sydney
Team Leader Accounts PayableTuan ShaideenTravel Expense Reimbursement
International Payments
Cash Advances
X4213North Sydney
Assistant Team Leader Accounts PayableJinling (Jackie) Wang - on maternity leave until 30 April 2018 Accounts Payable
Student Refunds
VC Travel Grants
Purchase Card
X4211North Sydney
Accounts Payable OfficerRyan NakamuraAccounts Payable, Flexipurchase CardX4212North Sydney
Accounts Payable OfficerAkemi AsaiAccounts Payable NSW, Accounts Payable MailboxX4214North Sydney
Accounts Payable OfficerRyan LiAccounts Payable VIC, Student refund, Scholarships X4028North Sydney
Accounts Payable OfficerAi NguyenAccounts Payable QLD and ACT X4211North Sydney
Accounts Payable Sydney

Financial Corporate Services Team

Management Accountant, Reporting and ResearchIrene NardoneReporting & Research, Finance Workshops & TrainingX3360Melbourne
Management Accountant, Financial Planning & BudgetingAlex GrahamFinancial Planning & Budgeting
Budget Advisory Reports (BAC)
Financial Planning & Budgeting OfficerEllen KamholtzFinancial Planning & Budgeting, Budget Advisory Reports (BAC)X7526Brisbane
Senior Finance OfficerNancy Huynh-VuReporting & Research
Journal Transfers
Salaries Administrator
Research Debtors
Client assignment:
DVC (SLT) Portfolio excl. Libraries and First Peoples,
COO & Provost Portfolio,
Faculty of Health Sciences
Senior Finance OfficerHanna WidjajaReporting & Research
Journal Transfers
Code Creation
Finance Administration
Client assignment:
Faculty of Education & Arts, DVC (Research) Portfolio,
First Peoples, Libraries, Projects
Finance OfficerTracey White ZouReporting & Research
Journal Transfers
Research and Finance
Credit Card Processing
Client assignment:
Faculty of Theology & Philosophy,
Director Identity and Mission
Finance OfficerMario MandicReporting & Research
Finance Administration
Management Accountant - DirectorateWilliam WoonPortfolio Management
Client assignment:
XXXXNorth Sydney
Management Accountant - DirectorateDesiree Galila-CachoPortfolio Management
Client assignment:
VC Portfolio, COO & DVC Portfolio (excl Properties & Facilities and IT),
Director Identity and Mission
X9037North Sydney
Management Accountant - DirectorateJie WilsonInfrastructure
Client Assignment:
Properties & Facilities
X9083North Sydney
Assistant Management AccountantRez Haque Portfolio Management
Client assignment:
VC Portfolio, COO & DVC Portfolio (excl Properties & Facilities and IT),Director Identity and Mission
DVC (SLT) Portfolio, Provost and DVC (Academic) Portfolio
X9207North Sydney
Graduate OfficerFiona Manoa Graduate Officer, Admisntration and Projects
Client assignment:
Administration, Finance Projects and HR Projects

Finance Managers

Position Name Responsibilities Phone Location
Research Finance Manager Kely Kirwan Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) X2858 North Sydney
Faculty Finance Manager Sam Kanaris Health Sciences X3638 Melbourne
Faculty Finance Manager Tony Rebeiro Education and Arts X3310 Melbourne
Faculty Finance Manager Shashi Maharaj acting on behalf of Sally Truelove until September 2017 Law and Business X3486 Melbourne
Faculty Finance Manager Penny Connor (Yurcevic) Theology and Philosophy X3943 Melbourne

Finance Systems Team

Position Name Responsibilities Phone Location
Systems Business Manager Kamini Nagodavithane ACU Finance X9036 North Sydney
Finance Systems Administrator Irene Zheng ACU Finance X9051 North Sydney
Senior Project Manager Keng Ong ACU IT Web and Application Services and Finance X9227 North Sydney
Finance Systems Administrator Nissanka Dharmatilake ACU IT Web and Application Services and Finance X9226 North Sydney