Equity and Diversity

At ACU, we are committed to supporting and encouraging an inclusive work environment that respects and values individual difference.

This is aligned with the University’s Mission, which expresses a fundamental concern for social justice and the dignity of all human beings.

We understand that a workforce with diverse characteristics provides an enriching and productive environment that allows all individuals to strive to reach their potential.

Equal Opportunity

Supporting equal opportunity in employment and education. 

Supporting Parents at ACU

Find out what resources are provided for parents and parents-to-be at ACU. The University's generous parental leave provisions support both birth parents and their partners, and also provide support for adoptive and foster parents. 

Gender Equality at ACU

Strategies for gender equality and supporting all staff to access career opportunities. 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment

Strategies to increase the employment of indigenous staff. 

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Celebrating our cultural and linguistic backgrounds. 

People with Disabilities

Embedding equal opportunity for people with disabilities. 

Working Flexibly @ ACU

ACU is committed to providing a flexible, supportive and diverse working environment and encourages employees to live a balanced lifestyle, combining work, family and community responsibilities. See a handy Guide for managing requests for flexible working arrangements - available for staff and for supervisors.