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We are committed to the pursuit of knowledge, the dignity of the human person and the common good. As part of this pursuit, we engage in research that creates real change with sustainable outcomes, partnering and working closely with organisations and individuals that can help us achieve those outcomes.

Research that engages

ACU research engagement

Research engagement is the interaction between researchers and research end-users. This includes industry, government, non-governmental organisations, communities, and community organisations. 

Research that benefits all

Engagement with researchers benefits the community by bringing much needed expertise to solving complex real-world problems. It improves the health, wellbeing and prosperity of individuals, organisations and communities. 

Engagement with ‘end-users’ benefits researchers by enabling them to understand and solve real world problems, providing access to research participants and intervention sites, and increasing the competitiveness of their grant applications.

Creating impact

When we engage with end users we create a mutually beneficial transfer of knowledge, technologies, methods or resources. Essentially, research impact is the contribution that research makes to economy, society, environment or culture, beyond the contribution to academic research.

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Safeguarding children and young people

Child safety is a priority for everyone, everywhere. Our Safeguarding Children and Young People portal links organisations to resources, training and up-to-date research, helping them create an environment that’s transparent and accountable for keeping children safe.

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Community engagement

We encourage our staff and students to engage with the community through community giving and volunteering opportunities. Check out our curriculum program for undergraduate students and opportunities for our staff.

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Pastoral care research

The relationship between health and religion is complex. This collaborative program aims to contribute to the body of evidence on the benefits of pastoral care to patients, staff and families.

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Ethics and integrity

We are committed to ethical research conducted with integrity and respect for the rights and interests of participants.

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Discover our commitment to the pursuit of knowledge, the dignity of the human person, and the common good.

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