Research impact is the contribution that research makes to the economy, society, environment or culture, beyond the contribution to academic research.

For each 2-digit FoR code universities submit a single case study that includes a description of the research that lead to the impact; identifies who or what has benefited from the results of the research; and gives evidence that describes the extent of the impact.

Approach to Impact

Approach to Impact is where the university provides details on how it facilitated realisation of the impact. The aim of this section is to highlight the mechanisms and strategies the university had in place to support translating the associated research into the impact described in the study.

EI 2018

The ARC announced the inaugural 2018 Engagement and Impact (EI) assessment outcomes on Friday 29 March.

Of the six Impact case studies ACU submitted, ACU received:

  • a High in Public and Allied Health Sciences (FoR 11b), Education (FoR 13) and History and Archaeology (FoR 21)
  • a Medium in Studies in Human Society (FoR 16), Psychology and Cognitive Sciences (FoR 17) and Philosophy and Religious Studies (FoR 22)

For Approach to Impact ACU received:

  • a High in Public and Allied Health Sciences (FoR 11b) and History and Archaeology (FoR 21)
  • a Medium in Education (FoR 13), Studies in Human Society (FoR 16) and Philosophy and Religious Studies (FoR 22)

Report Impact for EI 2021

The reference period for EI 2021 for Impact will be 2014-2019. The reference period for EI 2024 for Impact will be 2017-2022. The reference period for Approach to Impact is the period between the research and the impact.

To suggest appropriate ACU case studies for future EI submissions (EI 2021, EI 2024 and beyond) you can send us an expression of interest. 

Submit EOI

The ACU Engagement team will work with the researchers for the selected case studies to identify and record the impact and support for impact. We will also explore with you ways that we, and other units within ACU, may be able to assist you in increasing the impact of your research.

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