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Here you will find a series of downloadable resources, to share with colleagues, supporting research engagement and impact developments within all fields of research. Take five minutes to read each one and learn more about how meaningful impacts can be maximised outside of academia.

End-user Associate Supervision

Here are some frequently asked questions in relation to why you should consider End-user Associate Supervision and how to engage with this work.

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Engagement and Impact Assessment 2024

This flyer helps to summarise EI 2024 and clarify the differences between engagement and impact.

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Targeted Impacts

The template will help you to think about the intended impacts of research outside of academia. Plot out the Micro, Meso and Macro level impacts within the Economic, Cultural, Environmental and Societal categories.

Download the template

Download the worked example

Stakeholder and Beneficiary Analysis

Identifying your stakeholders and how to to engage with them is essential in order to maximise the potential for impact. These templates will help you to map out who the most influential people are as well as how best to communicate with them.

Download the stakeholder-beneficiary identification template

Download the stakeholder-beneficiary analysis template

Download the alignment interest matrix template

Activity Mapping

Trying to write down all of the engagement activities you plan to undertake can take some time. This template will help you to think through all the possibilities and give some structure to identify your audience, the objective of each activity, the resources required and relevant deadlines.

Download the activity mapping template

Research Impact Canvas

This one-page canvas will help to plan out how Research Impacts will be achieved and combine all of the information you have gathered by utilising the tools above.

Download the template

Research Impact Evidence Types and Gathering

A webinar was held for colleagues, in July 2020, that provided an overview of how you can best capture evidence showcasing the influence your research has had beyond academia.

Download the presentation slides

Download the supplementary guidance document

Rapid Response Impact Collection Form

This tool will provide you with a quick sheet to print off and hand out to anyone participating in your engagement activities. It will help you to capture the most essential elements needed to clearly articulate the impact that the activity has had. The document is fully editable.

Download the form

Engagement Reflective Log

Continuous improvement is always encouraged and this reflective log will support you to review your engagement activity. You will consider who attended, the benefits to those who attended, how you can prove your claims and also to identify as areas that may require attention.

Download the log


  • What is impact? Make sure that research does not lead to watermelon impacts.  Read more
  • What does a high-rated impact case study look like? Links to ACU EI 2018 case studies and review research linked to REF 2014 highlighting the importance of linguistics.  Read more
  • Impact Planning - A Theory of Change can prevent turning the wrong way at spaghetti junction. Read more
  • Measuring Impact - Defining audacious, courageous, unwavering goals helps to work out where you are hoping to get to. Read more


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